Disclaimers, Releases and Consents

·       Admittance subject to Approval by DREIA: I acknowledge and agree that DREIA, LLC, hereinafter “DREIA” is a private company. As such, DREIA, in its sole and absolute discretion and pursuant to the Rules and Procedures, reserves the right to refuse entry or eject any individual from any of DREIA's events, meetings or functions, if it is considered that said individual: I) is not in compliance with DREIA's Rules and Procedures; or ii) poses a threat to the safety, security or intellectual property of DREIA, its members, speakers, educators; sponsors. or guests; or iii) engages in conduct that disturbs the order, peace, or harmony of DREIA's events, meetings or functions; or iv) willfully attempts to defame DREIA or any of DREIA's members, speakers, educators, sponsors, or guests.

·       Informational Purposes Only: DREIA does not render legal, tax, economic or investment advice. All materials and information utilized by DREIA in its website, meetings, events, functions or seminars, are for informational purposes only and shall not be interpreted as providing legal, accounting or financial advice. Any opinion expressed individually by DREIA's guest speakers, educators, members, sponsors or guests are provided in their individual capacities and do not reflect the opinion or beliefs of DREIA. I agree that I will consult with my own legal counsel, accountant or licensed professional to assess the risks, legal, tax, or economic consequences of real estate investments and any information provided by DREIA.

·       Consent and Release: By executing this application, I hereby give DREIA consent and permission to use my name, likeness, character, image and appearance in any picture, photo, video, recording, audiotape, digital image and the like, taken by DREIA. I further give DREIA permission to use any photograph or video taken of me at any of DREIA's events for marketing purposes. l hereby holds harmless, releases, discharge and agree to indemnify DREIA, its officers, directors, members, employees, agents or contractors in or through their respective capacities with DREIA, from any and all actions, claims or demands that may exist or arise out of the use of my character or likeness.

·       Consent to Electronic Communication: I hereby authorize DREIA to use my e-mail address, as described above, for any communications related to DREIA. I understand that my authorization will remain in effect until my consent to receive electronic transmission is revoked by notifying DREIA of same in writing. I agree to promptly notify DREIA of any changes in my e-mail address, to maintain my contact information on file with DREIA current.

·       Recording or Videotaping Prohibited: The communication used in DREIA’s meetings, events, or functions may contain confidential, proprietary or privileged information. It is intended to be communicated solely to the members or guests in attendance at a DREIA event. I hereby agree that recording or videotaping of any kind during DREIA's seminars or meetings, is strictly prohibited. I further agree that I will not disclose, copy or distribute any information provided by DREIA, its guest speakers, educators, members, sponsors or guests.