Apartment Investing Mastery Home Study Course
and 4-Day Boot Camp

Instead of making $10,000-$20,000 once or twice a year flipping a house, how would you like to make $1,000-$2,000 passive income every month? How about $3,000-$5,000 per month? How about $10,000-$20,000 per month, EVERY MONTH, for the rest of your life? If you said, “Yes” to any of these questions you need to go to Anthony Chara’s 4-Day Apartment Buying Boot Camp.

Anthony Chara is founder of Success Classes, LLC, and President of Apartment Mentors, LLC. Anthony's specialty as an international speaker and educator is teaching regular people how to invest in Apartment Buildings. He'll show you why apartments/multi-units make sense in today's market, how to know the numbers inside and out, and how apartments allow you to control your own destiny when it comes to appreciation and building your wealth unlike single family homes!

  • What you'll learn at the 4-Day Apartment/Commercial Buying Boot Camp:
    Locating Markets & Properties – You’ll learn multiple ways to find deals and tools to analyze markets.
  • Quick Analysis – You’ll learn to analyze a deal in minutes, not days or weeks, to determine if you want to make an offer.
  • Offers – You’ll learn several ways to submit an Offer. This section is also peppered with key Negotiations and Due Diligence concepts.
  • Financing – You’ll learn customary and creative ways to finance your deals including some Low and No Money Down Strategies
  • Due-Diligence – You’ll learn about performing both the Physical and Financial Diligence on a Commercial property. Most of which you’re probably not doing now on your Investment Properties
  • Negotiation – I’ll show you multiple ways you can negotiate with a seller before and after going under contract. You might even learn how to negotiate a Zero Interest loan!!
  • Closing – The finish line! You’ll learn what to expect at the closing table.

Anthony guarantees you'll learn more in his 4-Day Boot Camp than in anyone else’s program or he’ll give you DOUBLE* your money back!!

*Return policy – 200% refund at end of 4-Day Boot Camp if not satisfied with value received. You must attend all 4 days. 100% refund of Home Study Course within 60-days of purchase if not satisfied. Course materials must be returned in like new condition.

Flash Drive Home Study Course including; Audio files, Software, Forms and Video Tutorials, 1-seat at Anthony’s 4-Day Apartment Buying Boot Camp that can be used at any event location, 1-Day Workshop Webinar video downloads, 8-Week follow-up coaching program after boot camp.
– $1,495 (spouse or Business partner included. You must click the add person button to add their information.)

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